St Richard’s Voices: 30 Years of history

In 2014 St Richard’s celebrated its 30th anniversary with a service of celebration in Worcester cathedral attended by many proud members of staff, volunteers and families from across the three decades. It got us thinking about all the people who had helped create St Richard’s and the importance of their memories and experiences in contributing to the service that we have today.


Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery, we have been able to track some of them down and record their stories. Our collection of oral history interviews now runs to about 40 hours of fascinating audio recordings; we’ve talked to nurses, doctors, administrators, fund raisers, volunteers, patients and family members.

The collection charts the astonishing development of St Richard’s from the home of founder Jenny Bulman in the early 1980s to the completion of the new hospice in 2006 and the Snow Drop Centre in 2011. But our collection is more than this. It is a treasure trove of really personal stories. Our wonderful candid interviewees explain why they became involved in St Richard’s, the challenges they faced in the early years, their good and bad days, turning points in the development of the service, the generosity of ordinary people who didn’t even know what a hospice was, the little things that mean a lot, the motivation provided by inspirational patients, and much, much more.

Please dip Into their stories 

Here on the website you can listen to extracts from our recordings. Click on the photos to find out more about our wonderful interviewees. Hear their voices by clicking on the audio links. Their full interviews with transcriptions and summaries are in our collection and at the Worcestershire Record Office in The Hive.

Thank you

We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for enabling us to create this oral history archive.

A big thank you to the members of our Oral History Team who have collected St Richard’s Voices and created our Oral History Archive.

Julia Letts, Oral History Coordinator and volunteers Kate Platt, Fiona Tierney, Bernie Green, and June Sankey.

An alternative way of hearing St Richard’s Voices

We want as many people as possible to hear our oral history collection so we’ve created a mobile audio point which will tour the county. You can listen to many of our interviewees speaking about their experiences on the audio point.  Alternatively you can click on Our Story, or on Our Voices to hear individual stories.